The Baltimore Riots

Everyone's got an opinion on the riots in Baltimore. Admittedly, very few of those loudly pronouncing their opinions have ever been detained, beaten or otherwise "inconvenienced" by the police, or been perpetually hindered by the overwhelmingly racist systemic architecture of Baltimore City. Most are probably unaware that "The Baltimore City Council [was] the first body in the United States to enact a residential segregation order", and even many of those who are aware of that believe that the city's history of white supremacy ended in 1991 (even that being 25 years later than the city’s demographics shifted from majority White to majority Black).

"A riot is the language of the unheard," said Dr. King, but this quote is a hard one for the Heard to understand. The best way to understand your neighbor is to walk a mile in their shoes. We can't give you a mile, or shoes, but we hope our Choose Your Own Adventure can give you a much-needed snapshot of life for the Charm City's Unheard.

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